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28-year-old philadelphian, loves hockey (flyers, kings, blackhawks, ducks, and sometimes the maple leafs) and sometimes baseball (phillies and rays). covering the flyers over at and hockey in general at

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The perfect GIF set for today. Happy 50th, Molly Shannon!

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Ariana Grande sounds like a font on Microsoft Word

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the man can sing, dance, act… he’s the total package!

Harry Styles on "Top 100 Influential Figures of Jewish Life" list

there’s not much that really offends me to the point of getting heated, but this definitely did it. i’m not the most religious person, and i could know a lot more about judiasm than i do, but seriously? a guy puts on a star of david and has a nosh at a kosher deli and says “schmuck” or “putz” every now and then and he’s an influential figure of jewish life? fuck that. that’s COMPLETELY ridiculous. if anyone else but an internationally known “hot” pop star did this, everyone would be offended. but he’s “inspiring” others. you want to be inspired to learn about judiasm? hear it from people who are ACTUALLY jewish, who have knowledge gathered from generations upon generations before them, who practice their faith every single day. not some guy who decides to wear a jewish star when he doesn’t feel like wearing a cross or whatever other piece of jewelry he thinks is cool that day.

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good fucking god.

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